Cascone Automotive

Ragusa Cascone Automotive car repair shop


Driving equipment for handicapped drivers, isothermal vehicles, car tuning

Officina autoriparazioni Ragusa
We design driving systems and modify motor vehicles to facilitate and make the transport of disabled people comfortable. All Cascone Autonomy devices conform to the safety standard provided by law.
Furgoni isotermici Cascone Automotive
We are specialized in isothermal insulations on all kind of vehicles, for the transport of food, drugs, organs and blood, dangerous goods. Cascone Igloo makes excellent solutions to move your business.
Autofficina Ragusa
Innovative, mechanical and electromechanical devices, professionalism and reliability: turn to Cascone Automotive for repair and car maintenance of every brand and model. We also run certified car inspection.
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Cascone Performance deals with auto-transformations and tuning of sports cars and for competitions. We are specialized in Jdm, Vag, Porsche cars, but we operate on any type of model.



Icona disabile
From disabled to “capable”
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Post sale assistance
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Tailored solutions
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Availability and reliability



Cascone Automotive was born in 1971 by the passion for the engines of Giuseppe Cascone. We began to set up isothermal vehicles in 1974, and in 2000 we started a new challenge, successfully won: the design and construction of driving and transportation devices for the disabled.
Furgone isotermico
Assistance and home services
We have an equipped mobile workshop with which we can repair cars, industrial and agricultural vehicles on site. We also offer home-based, free, pick-up service and delivery by means of a specific trailer.



Autonomy, Igloo and Performance, many faces, one soul: Cascone Automotive, a company operating in the automotive and motor industry for forty years. It is a repair and mechatronics workshop in Ragusa specialized in auto-transformations and tuning. The activity also deals with driving and transportation devices for the disabled, exclusive dealer for all Sicily and Malta. Finally, we are specialized in the design of isothermal, sanitary, commercial and special vehicles.
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Exclusive dealers for Sicily and Malta
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Head of the sede provinciale of Ragusa Anglat
It is a trade association born in 1980 whose aim is to improve the regulations on the transport of disabled people and allow everyone to be able to drive independently and freely.

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