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Cascone Automotive


Free to drive

The story began in 1971 when Giuseppe Cascone decided to launch his workshop, inspired by the passion for motoring and cars. Thanks to the experience gained with Diavia-Webasto, Autoclima, Guidosimplex, FIAT and BMW, he has become in a short time, one of the most esteemed regional and national repairman. The turning point came in 2000 when, together with his son, Alessio, just over adult, decided to expand the company by moving the business to the new 600 sqm place in the industrial area of Ragusa where it is possible to enjoy of many services, such as the installation of driving and transport equipment for the disabled.

Cascone Automotive Ragusa

"From disabled to super-able"

Cascone Automotive's new activities in Ragusa improve the quality of life of many people.
Even today it is difficult to think that a word as a "handicap" has made it difficult to drive a motor vehicle from a disabled for too long. Our company is a cutting-edge company in the design of driving and adaptation systems for the transport of disabled people. Thanks to our technology and our professionalism, we can offer today usage and maneuverability solutions with a truly high standard of quality in full compliance with the safety standards set by the European Community.
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Why us

Cascone Automotive is a mechatronics workshop that deals with auto-transformation and tuning, specialized in the installation of isothermal, sanitary, commercial and special vehicles (since 1974). We are exclusive dealers of the most modern driving and adaptation systems for the transportation of disabled people in the province of Ragusa. We offer technical and easy-to-use solutions that help driving people with disability of limbs, ensuring safety, comfort, reliability and design. Another important goal for our company is our presence today on the island of Malta.

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