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Are you a carrier and do you need a vehicle suitable for HACCP, ATP, ADR, drugs, organs and blood?
Contact us now. Cascone Automotive is at your disposal for free advice. Cascone Igloo manufactures isothermal vans in Ragusa, sanitary, commercial and special vehicles, since 1974, providing unique performance. Please contact us, our covers are in compliance with HACCP and ATP regulations on food safety. They are washable, waterproof and resistant to disinfectants. They have a modular loading shelf, removable without tools.

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The transport and distribution of milk and derivatives is carried out with controlled temperature vehicles, in compliance with the standard provided by the ATP legislation. The same is for meat transport. The cargo compartment of the vehicles must be hermetically sealed, with internal corrosion-resistant walls, with rounded corners and edges, easy to clean and disinfect. Fresh and frozen fish transport is also carried out by vehicles under the law, subject to the issue of healthcare for transport license. Among the main features: rounded edges, rises to contain liquids at the doors, dran holes, boxes for the recovery of drain liquid with tap.



If you need to set up a sanitary vehicle rely on us. We will propose you different and customized solutions to meet your needs. Rely on our professionalism in setting of these vehicles, very delicate because of the content to carry. We know and apply all the regulations in force.
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In particular, we know that the transport of organs and blood must occur in special vehicles, distinguished by particular equipment.
Our covers comply with the ADR regulations for the transport of dangerous goods. Contact us for free advice. We are at your complete disposal!